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A Complete Guide To Off-Page SEO

 SEO is search engine optimization. There is on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to methods of optimizing your website within the pages of that website. Off-page SEO is the optimization of your website outside of the pages of your website. Both forms of SEO work together to drive traffic to your website. While you could just focus on on-page SEO, if your business or product has competition within your industry, it only makes sense to utilize off-page SEO as well. Chances are, your competitors are probably already doing that and to remain competitive, you need to use every tactic you can, and off-page SEO is one of them.

What Is Considered Off-Page SEO?

 There are three major tools you can use online that will enhance your website and send traffic to it that are strictly off-page SEO. Probably topping that list is high-quality backlinks. Next should be an active social media presence that generates engagement. Finally, reputation building through online reviews and citations. Let’s explore each of these a little deeper.

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If you think backlinks are no longer significant, you would be wrong. With all the changes to search engine algorithms over the years, one that still has a major bearing on how your website is ranked is the quality of your backlinks. Pay special attention to the word ‘quality’ in that sentence. Sure, you could easily add several random backlinks to your website. It’s not complicated by any means. However, search engines will visit each of those backlinks during a routine crawl of your website. The quality of those backlinks will have an impact on how your website is ranked.

But what are the search engines looking for? One word: relevance. The more relevant the backlink, the better that webpage will rank on your site. So, as an example, if you were adding a backlink to this article on off-page SEO, the logical choice would be to link to something about off-page SEO. That is relevant. That alone will help. However, if you were to link to an article on off-page SEO that appears on the website of a reputable, trusted source, that link is not only relevant, but it is also of high quality. Expect to rank a little higher with a better-quality backlink.

 Your website will rank better with a few high-quality backlinks compared to a high volume of low-quality ones. The same thing applies to other websites linking to yours. If the website sending the link to you already has a low ranking and is attempting to improve upon that by sending links your way, your web pages containing those low-quality links will drop the ranking of your pages. However, if a high-ranking website links to your pages, you will see your ranking go up. This is why it is always a good idea to monitor your backlinks – the ones you send out and the ones that come to you – to ensure they are all connected to a high-quality source.

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Social Media

Do you have business pages set up on the major social media platforms? If not, why not? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, and even Google My Business all give your business a wider reach and put it essentially in the palm of the hands of potential customers. One of the most attractive parts about having an active, and up-to-date, social media presence is that there is instant engagement. Customers can reach you and you can respond in real time. There’s no time delay like there is in email. Plus, with social media, you can run targeted digital marketing campaigns that, once again, get to the palms of the hands of your existing and potential new customers.

Social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok also provide you access to demographics you may not reach in any other marketing program. Also, fans of your business or products will help you spread the word about something new you are offering or just that you have great products without you having to pay them for the endorsements. This is known as influencer marketing. Happy customers do a great job of this by raving about anything related to your business from pricing and service to choices available and whatever else made them happy. Naturally, disgruntled customers can have some influence on how your business is perceived, as well. However, with social media, it is easy to reach out and attempt to find a solution that makes everyone happy.

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Reviews and Citations

Here’s another way your customers can influence prospects that are considered off-page SEO. Online reviews of your business, products, services, or whatever from customers, and not paid endorsements, carry a lot of weight in today’s marketing world. Real people saying real things about your business can increase traffic to your website and send customers through your front door.

A lot of business owners get a little um, twitchy, about online reviews and citations because there is always the potential for negative ones. The important thing to keep in mind is that there are going to be one-star reviews but the five-star ones will far outnumber them. Plus, the average person who bases a decision on whether or not to purchase a product based on reviews will be savvy enough to know that there are going to be both good and bad ones. The key to using reviews is to find a pattern or some common thread. For example, if a series of reviews range from 2 to 4 stars, but consistently compliment the quality of the product or service, then you know what you have to focus on as customers are noticing.


 SEO is a whole lot more than tricks and tactics used within your website to interest search engines and entice them to send traffic your way. There are other methods of achieving exposure for both your business and website that are not directly connected to what is on those web pages. It is known as off-page SEO and it is as important to a website as on-page SEO. For assistance with helping to market your website with both on-page and off-page SEO, contact us at BizConnect Web Design.

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