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BizConnect is a Digital Marketing Agency based on the Redcliffe Peninsula just North of Brisbane in QLD. Our Mission is Simple: “We Help Local Businesses Grow and Prosper through Online Target Marketing”.

We are passionate about providing a very personalised style of Website Design to our Business Community here in Redcliffe, the Moreton Bay Region and the Northern Corridor of Brisbane.

Web Design, Online Marketing and SEO Specialists Brisbane

UX - User Experience

User Experience is a process that we go through as Web Designers to create a meaningful and relevant experience for visitors to our websites. While designing a website we go through an entire process of planning and implementing steps such as acquiring and integrating certain systems & tools, covering aspects like branding, function, usability and design.

Brand Identity & Strategy

Brand Identity is how a business wants to be perceived by its customers. A Companies Brand involves its reputation, how it communicates and gets their message across. The Strategy behind this includes the name, logo, how it looks, colours, and typography.

Web Development

Web Development is different to Web Design in that Web Developers take a Web Design and make it into a functioning  website. This is done by using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process or specialised craft to optimise a website to get customers or traffic from the natural, free, editorial or organic search results through Search Engines.

Web Design

Web Design refers to how a Website will look and it’s usability. Web Designers use various programs to create the layout and other visual effects and elements of a website.

Email & Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing involves sending an email, or series of emails that contain Advertisements, Promotions, Request Business or Sales.
Social Media is a great tool and the posts should be directed via links to your website.

All of the Team at BizConnect work with the attitude of getting the best results possible for each and every one of our Customers. Every Business is different, so we take the time to get to know who drives the business, what the vision is and the ideal Customer Profile for each product and/or service being delivered.

Who Is Biz Connect?

We have a very diverse and creative Team. Pat & Jan head up the Team of Creatives and Techies that is BizConnect. Some of our Team work right here in the Office in North Brisbane. Some of our Team work from home with their laptop computers and some of our creative and technical assistants come from all around the world and work on specific projects based on their specific areas of expertise.



Online Guru

Pat & Jan

Pat & Jan

Team Work



Business Development

Our Awards & Certifications

The Biz Connect Team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in SEO Website Design & Website Development, along with Content & Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Management and Google My Business Management. We are a growing Team that is up to date with what works in the digital space!

ebusiness institute webmaster certifications
ebusiness institute digital marketing certifications
Biz Connect ebusiness-institute-certificate-in-digital-marketing
Biz Connect ebusiness-institute-certificate-in-digital-marketing

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