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BizConnect is a Digital Marketing Agency based on the Redcliffe Peninsula just North of Brisbane in QLD. Our Mission is Simple: “We Help Local Businesses Grow and Prosper through Online Target Marketing”

We are passionate about providing a very personalised style of Website Design to our Business Community here in Redcliffe, the Moreton Bay Region and the Northern Corridor of Brisbane.

All of the Team at BizConnect work with the attitude of getting the best results possible for each and every one of our Customers. Every Business is different and so we take the time to get to know who drives the business, what the vision is and the ideal Customer Profile for each product and/or service being delivered.

We do like to keep things very simple for our Customers so we have very structured checklists to work through. These are designed to arm us with the specific knowledge to put the best marketing foot forward for each and every business client. The primary aim is to drive targeted leads into the front door and ultimately, grow the bottom line, the database and the business in line with the vision.

Who does the best Website Designs in Australia?

Does best design mean the prettiest, the easiest to navigate, the easiest for customers to find, the most robust and practical or simply the best representation of the business it is designed for?

These are very good questions for small business owners to consider. At Bizconnect, we particularly specialise in:

  1. A true representation of what you, the Business Owner, wants your business to look like, even if it doesn’t look like that right now!!!
  2. An online presence geared to promote and feature those particular products and/or services your business loves to deliver first and foremost, and;
  3. Zoning in on the profiles of the types of Customers that you love dealing with and specifically attract those Customers to your business



We have a very diverse and creative Team. Pat & Jan head up the Team of Creatives and Techies that is BizConnect. Some of our Team work right here in the Office in North Brisbane. Some of our Team work from home with their laptop computers and some of our creative and technical assistants come from all around the world and are contracted to specific projects based on their specific areas of expertise.

We are also a part of a much bigger local Web Development Community that lives and breathes as the very best Support Network of Online Specialists. This Community led by Matt & Liz Raad is the Australian Website Community to be a part of for both bleeding edge state-of-the-art education and support. We are Proud Members and have also been certified through the eBusiness Institute for our competency in Web Development.



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