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Biz Connect is Hiring!

The Team at Biz Connect is looking for a Techie to join our Team!The Techie Role! Will include, but not be limited to,* Build/Renovate/Update WordPress Websites.* Create new WordPress sites on cPanel Servers.* Create and/or Migrate Email Accounts - cPanel and Other.*...

Why You Need Regular Web Content on Your Website

A website is not a “set it and forget it” investment. Notice the word investment. A website is a tool that will not only bring your business or service attention from far beyond your current circle of influence, but it is also a tool of value that is an extension of...

Beating Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block. It’s that time when you just can’t seem to get the right words, if any, on paper. There’s no inspiration, the mind goes blank, and fear sets in as deadlines continue to get closer. What do you do? Well, I have to be honest with you that Writer’s Block...

Biz Connect Love This Laptop Bag

Our team at Biz Connect Web Design prefers to use the Surface Pro series for our laptops. We've been using them for so long now, that we have gone from the Surface Pro 6 to Surface Pro 7, and now onto the Surface Pro 9. They are a great, easy-to-use, lightweight...

Web Design

An effective and successful website can be created when web designers and web developers come together. Let’s look at the roles each plays.

Tips for writing Articles for your Website

Tips for writing Articles for your Website.   So that your website can have the best possible start, we need to have 3 articles ready to go. These articles need to be informative, relevant to your niche, conversational and very importantly; answer questions that...

SEO – Simply Explained

SEO - Simply Explained SEO is complicated, so let me explain it as simply as I can. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. We use search engines every day to find goods and services online. SEO is the art and science of having your website found...

Email Options for Clients

email optionsOption #1 - FREE   EXAMPLE - I need 2 business email accounts, 1 for incoming general/public/web enquiries (i.e. and 1 business account for sending emails out and receiving (e.g. I don’t need to see the...

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