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Writer’s Block. It’s that time when you just can’t seem to get the right words, if any, on paper. There’s no inspiration, the mind goes blank, and fear sets in as deadlines continue to get closer.

What do you do?

Well, I have to be honest with you that Writer’s Block is a rarity for me. I could count on one hand, with two fingers not used, how often it has happened to me. But with that said, I have an arsenal of tools at my disposal to deal with the situation should it ever happen again.

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There’s no inspiration, the mind goes blank, What do you do about writer’s block?

4 Tips to beat Writer’s Block

So, with that in mind, here are my top tips to beat Writer’s Block.

Tip #1 – Listen To Music

I love music. Although I don’t play any when I’m writing (it distracts me, believe it or not) there are very few times I get in the car without music blaring. My interest is classic rock from the 70s and 80s so I’m usually bopping my way down the road with AC/DC, Van Halen, or Aerosmith as my soundtrack. Music tends to inspire me and puts me in the right frame of mind to tackle just about anything, including Writer’s Block.

Tip #2 – Go For A Walk

Walking gets the blood flowing, which means the fresh oxygen supply is getting into the brain where it can do some serious good. I find a brisk walk of 30 minutes or longer clears my head and I normally get back home with tons of ideas I will use to explore over the next few days.

Tip #3 – Take The Day Off

Sometimes you just have to shut down the computer and do something else for the day. I’ve asked to extend deadlines at least once in my life just so I can have a “me” day. When I take a day off from writing it forces me to think about other things. By the time I get back to the writing project I was working on, I have a fresh perspective and can blast through the walls of that Writer’s Block.

Tip #4 – Don’t Let It Bug You

The curious thing about Writer’s Block is that it hits every writer sooner or later. It’s not unique to any particular writer. Mind you, I think romance writers need to take more time off and start looking at different niches to focus on. But that’s just me. As you can tell, I’m not big on romance novels. As I was saying, don’t beat yourself up for hitting a wall. You are not alone.

Well, that’s my top tips on how to beat Writer’s Block. I hope they helped. I’ll have more helpful tips in the future about writing. That is, provided I don’t lose inspiration between now and then!

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