SEO Audit

* Basic
* Comprehensive

  • We have our own unique Search Engine Optimisation ‘Discovery’ Toolbox that we use different tools for the appropriate services required.
  • We can identify a lot of SEO related information about any website without requiring admin access through the use of specialised tools. This places us in good stead to recognise the SEO strengths and weaknesses of a website at any time, providing it is ‘live’.
  • It is part of our standard process to run a basic SEO Audit on any prospective client looking to take up our services as it puts us ahead of the game straight away and we know what needs to be implemented or improved.

Optimize your Website with SEO


  • In our experience, it is those that have invested in their online marketing presence and have a monthly budget who will typically pay for our comprehensive SEO Audit as it provides them with a report showing the strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations on what can be done to improve the weak areas and how to create additional strengths. From there, we are in a good position to discuss a plan moving forward with goals and timelines.

Website Organic SEO

* Basic, then Levels depending on number of keywords & phrases to rank for and frequency of posting SEO content.

  • Search, optimization, statistics, keyword, engine, ranking, review, development
  • The basic level of Organic Website SEO is already very powerful when carried out correctly. One thing that sets BizConnect Web Design apart from many SEO oriented organisations is our detailed keyword & competition research, our dedication to explore ‘Niches’ within any Niche or Industry and our commitment to follow through with ‘Test, Measure and Adjust’ for every Client as if their website is our own (we feel like it is ours while we are entrusted with the privilege of looking after it).
  • For all levels of website SEO, the price point is directly relative to the amount of work required to produce outstanding results. The variables are: 1) How many of the specific keywords and phrases that will have the most impact for minimum spend are implemented; 2) The author of the content (Client supplied or produced by BizConnect); 3) The frequency and quantity of SEO content uploaded to the website; and 4) the communication and co-operation of each client plays a part in the overall workload and workflow and does have a success indicator in the scheme of things.


Website Google AdWords Campaigns

* (Search Network, Display Network, Shopping, Video or App) Cost varies greatly so careful planning and outcome expectation managed in detail!

Google Adwords

          • Google Adword Campaigns are very popular for those who have a decent ongoing budget and want to spike that budget at intervals to run fast (almost immediate), high impact campaigns. For maximum return on investment, it is really important that the specific target audience is absolutely clear, their motivation for joining/buying/subscribing is clearly defined and the campaign is absolutely nailing the target audiences ‘Why’. When these components all line up properly, it’s a no brainer. These campaigns can be very costly so doing it well is paramount. There are popular lower cost campaigns that have proven to be very effective for those that have had some levels of traffic over time, known as re-marketing campaigns.


Social Media SEO & Account Management

  • Part of our process, and this is the most important part to begin with, is deciding what platform is going to best suit your business goals. A big part of social media management is creating and publishing social media content across your company’s profiles. This involves developing content that we Optimize for Search Engines, developing creative in the form of images or video.choosing the right social media platform for your business


  • We also create a schedule for posting, then test and measure the results, and adjust the schedule accordingly.



Google My Business (GMB) SEO & Account Management

  • GMB posts are like ‘mini-ads’ or ‘social media posts’ that show up in Google Search in your Google My Business listing. We do the relevant research to achieve the best outcome from these posts.
  • Google like to see certain behaviour, i.e. replying to reviews and comments. We monitor and manage GMB Accounts and take care of this task.

Digital Funnel Marketing (Specific purpose short to long term Landing Pages)



  • There are many avenues that press releases can be presented within different industries and niches. The message is usually short, to the point and attracts attention.



  • There are channels to the publishing houses who put out regular industry-related magazines, journals and news publications providing the platform for press releases.


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