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Domain Names And Keywords

You should know by now that keywords are a vital component of SEO. Search engine optimization relies on keywords to expose your website to the audience you are targetting with your products and services. But did you know that keywords can also improve SEO if they are part of your domain name? In this article, we will examine how that works and discuss ways to choose a domain name that not only represents your brand but features the best keywords for your niche.


The Basics

Let’s begin with a simple look at how keywords in a domain name can benefit your business. There are two main benefits to using a domain name that contains keywords relevant to your business or service.

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First, it will increase the ranking of your website and web pages. The advantage of ranking higher on keywords compared to your competitors is exposure. When your site earns higher rankings, search engines will use them to gauge which pages to offer on SERPs (search engine results pages) when someone searches for something related to your business online.

For example, if you rank high for certain keywords, and someone enters those keywords in a search window, your site or pages from your website will appear as an option for the inquiry. The higher you rank, the higher your site or pages appear in those search results. The goal is to appear on Page 1 of a SERP and the better your ranking, the closer you get to Page 1.

 Conversely, if you rank poorly, your website or pages may appear elsewhere in a SERP. Say, in the middle of Page 12. When was the last time you went as far as Page 12 seeking an answer to a search window inquiry? Then there’s the possibility that your site may not appear at all in SERPs because of a poor ranking. With poor ranking, your products or services will go largely unseen.

Secondly, a higher ranking improves the click-through rate. When someone enters a search query in an online search window, the keywords they used in that search will appear in boldface in the SERPs. For example, if you conducted a search on Google for “Biz Connect Web Design” the SERPs that are offered to you will feature several pages of web page options where those words will appear in bold fonts. That would include domain names.

With these words bolded, the search engine is essentially telling you that the results offered in bold are high in relevancy to your search. In other words, Google is just handing you answers that are the best it can find in a memory bank that contains probably billions of possibilities. The search engine is also letting you know that the top ones provided are your best bet for finding what you are looking for and that your search is over.

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The Best Keywords For Your Domain Name

The days of “the shorter your domain name the better” are long gone. This is why you see domain names that are sometimes quite lengthy. If you were to examine those long domain names carefully, you would discover that they all contain specific keywords.

 So, what keywords are best for a domain name? Well, they fall under three primary components. First, your business name should be part of your domain name. This helps with branding and is best if your business name is not already on the lengthy side. The next component should be your location. It is common for internet users to include a city name or regional location in their search queries. Finally, the last keywords to include in your domain name should be what your products or services are. A good example of a domain name that contains all three of these components and is therefore full of keywords is “” which says where the business/service is (Redcliffe, Australia) with the city name and “dot au dot com” and what service they provide (plumbing and heating) and the full name of the business (Redcliffe Plumbing and Heating) which makes finding the business easy online or in other resources.



 Keywords are important to search engines. They help search engines sort results to fill SERPs when someone enters an online query. With good rankings, your website and web pages can appear higher in SERPs but to achieve this, you need proper keywords. One of the best places to have keywords is in the domain name of your website. The best domain name keywords come from three main categories: business name, location, and product or service.

 For assistance in selecting the best domain name for your website, contact the SEO experts at Biz Connect Web Design today.

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