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Option #1 – FREE


EXAMPLE – I need 2 business email accounts, 1 for incoming general/public/web enquiries (i.e. and 1 business account for sending emails out and receiving (e.g.

I don’t need to see the emails on different devices, I do all my work from my office computer!

A POP3 Account on Web Hosting is the best fit for this at no additional cost as part of web hosting.

Note: this option requires that emails are removed from the hosting server after 14 days. This means that the only copy of the emails received/sent are on your local computer. Regularly backing up your local email accounts to your preferred external drive or online cloud platform is recommended.

email options for bizconnect web design customers

Option #2


I only need 1 primary email account to receive to/send from and I also need Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and OneDrive. I need to have them synchronised between my devices. I can use my ‘domain’ email address that I already own as the primary.

Microsoft 365 Business Basics has you covered at $6.90 p/m per primary email account.

microsoft365 business basic plan

Option #3


I only need 2 or 3 primary email accounts and I need to have them synchronised between my devices. I want to be able to create alias email accounts** but do not need to ‘Send Out’ from any alias account or forward any alias received emails to any other accounts apart from the allocated primary account.

MS Exchange Plan1 Accounts will serve the purpose here at $5.50 p/m per 50Gb primary email account (annual commitment).

MS Exchange Plan2 Accounts where unlimited storage and hosted voicemail is required at $11.00 p/m per primary email account (annual commitment).

microsoft exchange online email plans

Option #4


I only need 2 or 3 primary email accounts and I need to have them synchronised between my devices. I want to have the flexibility of being able to ‘send’ from my alias email accounts** and do not need my incoming emails sorted as latest email from a thread appearing on top.

I don’t need any Microsoft Office apps and I am happy to use the google office apps, google drive etc.

GSuite/Gmail Accounts are the best fit for you, starting with Business Starter at $8.40 p/m per user.

Google GSuite

** Alias email accounts are primarily used as ‘receive only’ accounts, do not cost anything additional to setup and emails that are received to ‘alias’ accounts can be forwarded to a primary account.

Microsoft365/Exchange Accounts automatically forward alias received emails to the primary email address that the alias accounts are created within. You cannot forward to any other email account and you cannot send emails out from an alias account.

GSuite/Gmail has the flexibility of being able to send from alias email accounts and setup forwarders from alias accounts to other email addresses.

For a comprehensive list of all features and pricing options available for each of the plans mentioned above or other plan options, just ask us as we are happy to help.

We strive to give you the simplest understanding of different email/office plans so that you can confidently decide what will best suit your needs now and into the future.

All of the Team at BizConnect work with the attitude of getting the best results possible for each and every one of our Customers. Every Business is different, so we take the time to get to know who drives the business, what the vision is and the ideal Customer Profile for each product and/or service being delivered.

Our Awards & Certifications

The Biz Connect Team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in SEO Website Design & Website Development, along with Content & Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Management and Google My Business Management. We are a growing Team that is up to date with what works in the digital space!

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Biz Connect ebusiness-institute-certificate-in-digital-marketing

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