How Social Media Benefits Your Business and Brand’s Website and SEO…

Social Media channels are a great way to supplement or compliment a Business/Brand’s Website.

This is because:

  1. Communication is made easier and faster
  2. It allows for Partnerships, Networking and Connection
  3. It helps to boost your Visibility Organically
  4. Most Importantly – Increases Your Website Traffic
  5. Feedback from Customers
  6. Customers researching your Brand form an Impression
  7. Increases Brand Awareness
  8. Competition Research and Tracking
  9. Customer Generated Content & Sourcing of ideas i.e. hashtags
  10. Helps Build great Links

People often rely on turning to online reviews and social media when looking to make a decision on better purchasing or just decisions in general.


searching online for goods & services

When looking at purchasing a product, on average people will read 10 reviews before making their decision.

What then, is the Authority – the King/Queen – the Go To when it comes to your Business? It has to be your Website, right?

When it comes to searching online for good and services, well researched and implemented SEO is key!

Also, when researching or searching for a product or service, people will use a Search Engine such as Google. Again; well researched and implemented SEO is key!


How do you make your website easily found by people looking for the products and services you are offering? Simple … KEYWORDS; CONTENT & LINKS.

Let me ask you this … when you are looking for a something online, what do you do? You go to Google (or your favourite Search Engine) and you type in the name of the product or you’ll ask Google a question like; ‘what is the best Airfryer?’. Google will look for the answer to your question and give you websites/links to websites that have answered your question in the content that is on their website. Content can be in the form of articles/blogs, the alt text that describes a photo on a website or descriptions of a product.

The question you ask Google contains the ‘keywords’ of the product you are looking for. So, amongst the articles/blogs/descriptions/alt text etc that it finds on websites, the websites that contain informative, engaging, original and conversational answers to your question will show up higher on the results list.

The Website/Business that has done its research will know what questions people are asking and will write articles/blogs etc to suit. When it comes to Links, Websites/Businesses that are in the same/similar niche can have links between each other that is an exchange of value. Always link with a reputable website!

A great tool that is gaining momentum is videos. Videos are a great way to show the personal touch and customer concern that your business has. You also have the benefit of SEO, as in you can have alt text and descriptions in the background. You can also transcribe the spoken word of the video that will no doubt have those all-important keywords in the text.

Talk with Biz Connect today for solutions that make your Website easy to find online!

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