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A website is much like a vehicle or a house – it needs regular attention to keep it in top condition. Without that attention, issues can develop that may be costly in the long run. The good news is that these problems can be avoided, or caught before they become bigger issues through regular maintenance. But what exactly does website maintenance entail?

 Believe it or not, your website has a lot of moving parts. With a regular maintenance program in place, your website gets a good workout. For example, there’s software to update. There’s new content to post. There are new security features to add. That’s just a small sample of the tasks required to keep your website running well. When a website is neglected, it tends to fall apart. Pages load slowly, broken links multiply, security weak spots develop, and search engines start to drop the ranking of your site because it appears that it is not being cared for.

Here’s a look at some of the top benefits your website will receive with regular maintenance:

Brand Image

When your website is maintained regularly, it gives your business a positive brand image. It gives off a professional attitude about your business to those who visit your website. Plus, with regular maintenance, your business information is current, and it shows you care about your customers.

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Speed Check

User experience and search engine rankings are both heavily influenced by how long a page on your website takes to load. Slow-loading pages cause website visitors to move on somewhere else – often your competition – and it’s hard to get them back.

Check Security

Have you ever noticed that your desktop, laptop, or handheld device gets regular updates? In those updates are all sorts of important features for your device. They often include security updates. Your website needs security updates as well to keep it from getting hacked.

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Update Software

While we’re on that train of thought, regular software updates ensure that your website elements continue to be compatible. When they are not, parts of a website or webpage may not work anymore causing issues with the user experience.

Regular Backups

You should already know the importance of backing up regular computer files. Backing up your website regularly keeps the data safe and should something happen to it, you have a clean backup to help rebuild your online presence.

Monitor Analytics

The performance of your website is important and analytics provide the data to better understand this. Analytics show where visitors to your website come from, what pages they visit, how much they spend (time and/or money) when visiting it, and so much more. This data helps you to keep your website reaching the audience you are trying to target.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Because search engines keep updating their algorithms, it means they measure website content in different ways from time to time. To keep your website attractive to search engines, there are certain tactics employed. They are collectively known as SEO. SEO is vital to receiving any traffic online.

Optimize your Website with SEO
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Test Functionality

All elements of your website get tested to make sure they work properly. This includes links, forms, and any other part that a website visitor will use. If there are issues, they get repaired so that none of them causes a negative user experience or ticks off a search engine.

Update Content

This is one of the most important parts of website maintenance. When you add new, fresh content like a blog post or post new, updated images, you give both visitors and search engines something new to check out. This improves the ranking of your site and pages.

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As we’ve stated above, regular website maintenance, much the same as the maintenance of your vehicle or home, saves you money in the long run. It may cost a little for regular maintenance, but you end up saving a lot when that maintenance prevents major issues from developing. Think of website maintenance as a regular checkup for your website.

In Conclusion

 Taking care of your website is important. You can’t just let it occupy space on the internet and expect it to produce stellar results. Just like anything these days, you need to give your website the attention it deserves as it is an extension of your business and should be working for you by attracting new customers, followers, clients, or users. This is only possible with a website that looks and performs professionally. This is achieved through regular website maintenance. Without it, your business or service image can become tarnished which can have a negative impact on your bottom line.


For more information on getting your website the TLC it needs to boost your sales, contact the professional website maintenance team at BizConnect today!



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