Meet The BizConnect Team

Patrick Roesch Online Guru

Patrick Roesch – SEO Specialist

Hi, my name is Patrick, I am a Web Designer from BizConnect Web Design, based in Redcliffe, QLD, Australia.

As a Web Designer, I create WordPress Websites that are the ideal representation of the organisation that I am building each website for.

How do I achieve this?

Firstly, I get to chat with the Owner of the website, I find out what their business is about, what products and/or services they provide.

I ask about who their ideal target market is, who do they want to sell their products/services to.

I also want to know about the design of their website, what logo they use or if they want us to create one for them.

I find out what colours make up their business branding and what fonts they want to use for their headings and general text content.

Once I have gathered all of this information, I can start to create some magic, using the Logo, colours and fonts to style the pages. I use website building tools and often templates to produce stunning results.

Also using Headers and text content along with appropriate images and/or video clips to create pages and posts that are easy to read and navigate and provide action links like ‘Get in Touch with Us Now’, or ‘Buy this Product’, or ‘Read more about this topic’…

I am also showing the Website Owner pages as I create them and with their feedback, I am making small adjustments on the fly if required.

Before long, we have a stunning website that is truly the ideal representation of the organisation that I am building the website for.

Jan Roesch Business Development and Sales & Marketing for BizConnect Web Design at a Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce meeting

Jan Roesch – Business Development and Sales & Marketing

Hi! I’m Jan, and I am the Business Development Manager, and Sales & Marketing Manager here at BizConnect Web Design.

My role is a two-part role. One is to work on the business to develop and improve the systems for the running of BizConnect.

With our team, I create the flow we want in our business that makes for a great working environment and a great experience for our clients.

Role Two is the Sales & Marketing Manager role. I attend Network Meetings, as well as meeting with clients to discuss their website needs so that I can prepare a proposal for their consideration based on our discussions.

I am on the Management Committee of the Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, and I attend those meetings as well.

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