Signs That Your Website Need a Rebuild

Websites are interesting tools. They represent your business online and bring you new customers. But that is only if the website functions properly and is kept up-to-date. A website is not something you launch and just leave alone for the rest of the life of your business. Things change over time. Details and information that were once current can become outdated. So, too, can the overall website, and how it operates. When this happens, your website is no longer doing the job it was intended for when it was fresh and brand new. When this happens, your website needs an overhaul, a facelift, a look under the hood, and some tweaks.

 Here is a look at several signs that will tip you off that your website is getting tired and needs a pit stop.

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Sign #1

Your Website Is Too Slow

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May Not Work Anymore"

Sign #2

Your Website Has Parts That Don’t Work Anymore

It happens. Maybe there is a piece of outdated data or a form on a webpage of a version that is no longer compatible with the rest of that page. Or maybe you’ve used giant JPEG images instead of actual forms. Or there’s code that can’t speak to or understand other code on a page which disables both page elements. Or…or…or…the list goes on but the bottom line is parts of your website that don’t work properly are sending away potential new customers.

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Sign #3

Your Website Is Invisible To Search Engines

Maybe when you first launched your website social media and SEO didn’t matter. However, that was back before millions and millions of websites existed on the internet. Without SEO, and a solid social media presence for cross-platform promotion, search engines have no idea you exist. Traffic to websites is directed to them by search engines. If a search engine doesn’t know your website, it’s as good as having an unlisted phone number – no one will be contacting you.


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Sign #4

Your Website Is Not Responsive Or Mobile Friendly

Before flip phones graduated to mini-computer status, it didn’t matter that your website was designed with only desktop computers in mind. That was the way things were. Now, with various handheld devices outnumbering desktop computers, your website has to work on all of them as well. If it is not mobile- ready, parts of a webpage may not show properly on the smaller screen of a tablet or smartphone which could send visitors to other sites that do work on them.

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Sign #5

Your Website Has Plenty Of Security Issues

If your website has not been kept up-to-date with security updates, it may have developed a few weak spots that are vulnerable to hackers and various attacks. If your website tends to go down when others on the same server don’t, it should be a red flag for you. If you can’t recall the last time you ran a full security update, that will be another red flag. If you are scratching your head as to why security matters with your website, that’s a huge red flag. Security must be tight.

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Sign #6

Your Website Looks Um, Retro But Not In A Good Way

Take a really good look at your website. Then try very hard to be as objective as possible. Does your website look outdated or does it just look bad? This can be many different things. For example, are the graphics high quality or do they look like someone drew them in the dark with crayons? Are the background and text colours sensible? Pink on green is not sensible. Nor is red on yellow. Retro may look cool, but it is also hard for visitors to read or see.

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Sign #7

Your Website Navigation Is Too Complicated

Think about the layout of your store. When a customer enters the front door, they should be able to find what they are looking for easily if there is proper labeling of aisles and departments. Your website is the same. Customers should not have to go through 14 steps to find the public washroom. Visitors to your website should not have to click through menus, sub-menus, categories, and other steps just to find a contact form or to locate the checkout.


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Sign #8

Your Website Traffic Has Taken A Dive

Don’t let the analytics of your website fool you. A steady decline in visitor stats is not because they’ve seen all they need to see at your site and have decided to stop coming around. The drop in numbers is because there’s something about your website that is repelling them. This is likely sending them to other websites, alright – those of your competitors. A drop in website traffic is a telltale sign that your website is not doing its job anymore and needs a rebuild.

In Conclusion

Websites are great marketing tools. They give your business exposure outside of your immediate trading area and attracts customers that may not have known about your business before. However, as effective as a website is for creating a wider and larger customer base, it also has to be working efficiently to keep providing this added exposure. Sometimes that means having your website updated. It may mean a complete overhaul. It may require a lot of additional work to get your website back to doing what it is supposed to be doing – pulling in new customers. If you think your website is due for an extreme makeover, contact us today at BizConnect to discuss what we can do to get your website exposure back on track.

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