Tips for writing Articles for your Website.


So that your website can have the best possible start, we need to have 3 articles ready to go. These articles need to be informative, relevant to your niche, conversational and very importantly; answer questions that people are asking.

It’s your experience, knowledge and expertise that will make for amazing content on your Website.


Write and Enticing Page Title and Description


As you are reading this ‘How To’ on writing your articles,
you are seeing how we structure the articles.websites developed with good SEO deployment

Our goal is to implement SEO techniques in every article.

We want searches to find the answers to their questions about your business and to CLICK through to your website.


One way to capture someone’s attention is to use Title and Descriptions that they just can’t scroll past! It is usually a keyword or a keyword phrase that is relevant to your niche or business that will grab their attention.

It’s also great to use emotion driving words such as: easy, awesome, simple, new, best … These words spark interest in your content. You’ll also want to get to the point quickly and without beating around the bush! People are very busy, and they tend to speed read, or skim read through website pages, so the Titles and Descriptions play a big role in whether people stop and read or keep scrolling.

You will also notice that as you are reading this article, I am speaking as though we are having an actual conversation. This too is very important when writing your articles.

You will also see that I am keeping the paragraphs short and sweet! No more than 4 sentences is a great rule of thumb.


Use Headings, Subheadings & Quotes

The reason for this is, they break up the content. A lot of people use their mobile phones to search and research the goods and services they’re looking for.

Using Headings and Subheadings takes away the unending scrolling through stacks of text, and it also helps to capture the attention of those who speed read!

You’ll notice that I used a ‘Quote’ above and highlighted it in blue. Quotes are not meant to be long, but they do get a point across quickly and easily.

Let’s talk a bit more about answering questions or providing solutions for people who are using Search Engines such as Google.

When someone is searching for something, they want their answers quickly, so do that! How, you may ask? Within the first couple of sentences of a Heading or Subheading, give them what they are looking for, then you can expand or elaborate.

Other Useful Tips for Writing Your Articles


Other things that are helpful in your articles are bullet points and definitely Call-to-Actions!

  • Using bullet points allows you to pack in a stack of info into a few points
  • Using Call-to-Actions creates urgency, decisions, and next steps.


Oh, and something really important is how many words you should use for your articles… The short answer to that is 700 words! It’s not too long, not too short and gives you plenty of opportunity to get across your intention or information to your reader.


Only use original content! Google knows when information has been copied and pasted, and Google will slap a website for having duplicate content!

Lastly, pictures! For a 700-word article, we put 3 pictures in amongst the paragraphs.

Obviously they need to be relevant to your topic and will need to be resized according to the instructions we have provided for Photopea.

Optimize your Website with SEOAs you can see, this article isn’t very long, but it has a stack of great info for you to use when you’re writing your articles!


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