Website Design

“Web Design refers to how a Website will look and it’s usability. Web Designers use various programs to create the layout and other visual effects and elements of a website.”

I need a website for my business!!!

These days, literally anyone can build a basic website on the cheap. That’s not what we do as it is a waste of your time and ours and is throwing away your hard earned cash no matter how small the amount.
We design and build websites that work. Whether we are building a new website or renovating an existing website, we build SEO into the site. This ensures that your website can be found by people who are searching for your business.

I want my Business to Connect with my ideal Customers!

Effective Website Design for Small Business is a combination of key elements. The implementation of these key elements will ensure that your business is well represented online. The website will also attract those Customers that you really want to have as Customers through quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

How do I get my online presence to really work for my business?

When you invest any amount on marketing your business, it should be with the intention of getting a return on your investment. In the case of investing in your online presence, you want to see your website convert sales by being well represented and attracting the right prospective Customers to your business.

The Key Elements of Website Design we refer to are:

Excellent representation of what your business is about and what sets you apart from your competition
Particular Focus on what Products and/or Services that you are passionate about and that work really well
Call to Action sections strategically positioned on your website that are very clear and concise
Very easy website navigation and designed to be user-friendly with your prospective customers in mind
Search Engine Optimised to make sure your website will rank highly with the enquiries your prospect customers are making when searching online

Other Website Design considerations include:

Hosting that ensures 99.9% up-time, excellent security, good download speeds and real-time backup across multiple data centres
Choosing and registering an available domain name that works well with your business profile
The ability to easily run promotions and campaigns through effective avenues (e.g. social media, authority media channels, online advertising)

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