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What makes a Web Hosting Company the best in the business?

What is the best Web Hosting Service for my needs?

When comparing hosting companies and their package options, you need to be aware of what are the most important things to your online presence. There are a few things that should be high on every list.


Price is important! You want to compare apples with apples and make sure the cost of your chosen hosting package is competitive.


Customers will need excellent protection against being hacked as a compulsory part of a hosting package.


Backup Facilities. Making sure you never risk losing your data.


Your requirements will depend on the amount of traffic and downloads you expect your website to be able to handle.

Disk Space

Physical Disk Space Size. The required size and complexity of a Business website will determine the allowable size in a hosting package


Your Business, including your Website is your pride and joy! When choosing a Web Hosting Company, you want to know it is in good hands!

Web Design, Online Marketing and SEO Specialists Brisbane

Why choose BizConnect for your Online Services?

Yes, Biz Connect is great at looking after your Online Services, however, we do more than that! The Team at Biz Connect Web Design collectively has experience spanning decades, covering all things business. We are business owners ourselves, we are Community Minded, and we understand what it takes to own and operate a business as well as run a great Team!

Our Services

Biz Connect has many and varied Customers across diverse Industries and Niches.

We are very pleased with and proud of our services we offer to business owners. We have a great Team that is made up of years of experience, knowledge and passion that covers the areas that are important to building, managing and maintaining a great online presence. Some of our services range from Web Design & Web Development, Website and Email Hosting, Social Media and Google My Business Management, Branding, E-Commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing and very importantly, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
This Chart shows some of our services we provide and the percentages of our Clients on those services.
  • Website & Email Hosting – 99%
  • Web Design & Web Development – 90%
  • Social Media & GMB Management – 85%
  • SEO Services – 95%
  • Affiliate Marketing Websites – 50%


What does your Branding say about your Business?

Branding is a very important part of your Business. It shows a lot about your Business and helps build recognition and trust!

Let’s chat about your branding today!

Branding Packages with Biz Connect

From Our Clients

Biz Connect is focused on providing great customer service that comes from a place of knowledge, and understanding what it takes to create a great online presence, one that enables them to be found online!
“I just want to thank Biz Connect for their help over the last 12 months.
Jan and Pat are a great team and have given me all the expert advice I didn’t know,
actually, I had no idea and they were right on hand to answer all those questions that I could never find on the internet.
Pat has been available to talk me through difficult and hard to understand problems, that were a breeze to him and a different language to me.
I would definitely use Biz Connect again and highly recommend their services.”
Deb Neil

Artist , Forever Bling

“Jan and Patrick Roesch from Biz Connect were engaged to revamp our website. During the whole process they were both professional, extremely helpful and artistic in their outlook. At the time of handover of the web site, they visited our Centre and spent time taking us through each page and explaining to us, at our level, how to upload information etc. When they left, we felt totally capable of managing our website in the areas we needed to. This meant a lot to us.

It has now been 2 years since the upgrade to our website and naturally from time to time we need to contact Jan and Patrick. They are always so willing to help us and they both go the extra mile to explain processes to us.

We would highly recommend anyone to utilise their services to build or upgrade a web site. Their professionalism is enhanced by their personable attitude to their clients”.

Gay Robinson

Director, White Eagle Lodge

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