What is SEO?

Optimize your Website


So most people I talk to say “SEO is a Google Search thing, isn’t it?”

Well,  Yes it is… and much more.

The specialised craft of using a range of tools and techniques to help all of the search engines out there find what you are promoting on the Web. This is essentially Search Engine Optimisation.

We are just going to use Google as the example here. Everyone knows Google and it is up there among the elite of all search engines.

Google has very specific criteria that allows websites to be ranked at the top of their particular business or niche organically.

Google helps us to use the best practice strategies to get there over time.

The key is to follow their rules. That way  your website doesn’t get penalised and go backwards in the rankings.

Google also provides online advertising products that you can pay for to get visitors to your website.



BizConnect LogoFor Businesses, It definitely pays to get a Web Developer who knows what they are doing when it comes to SEO. There are a lot of great looking Business Websites out there that are not working for the business as they should be.

We have personally seen many of them that don’t convert well. We have also seen some ordinary looking websites that produce a high rate of sale conversions simply because they have been built with appropriate focus on good SEO.

Here at BizConnect, we like to present clean, professional looking websites for our Customers. To showcase the business online the way the Owner(s) likes to see the business represented.

We put a lot of emphasis on the SEO aspects to get Customers in the front door. We implement good ‘flow’ and implement strategic ‘Call to Actions’ to maximise conversions.



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